Frequently Asked Questions - Sail Lanka

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Clothing that covers past the knees and shoulders. Shawl, scarf and sarong are ideal for temple visits
  • Cash, credit and debit cards
  • Day pack (Used for daily excursions or short overnights)
  • Outlet adapter/Extra Phone battery
  • Reading or writing materials, cards etc
  • Motion sickness tablets
  • Sandals/flip-flops

Boating generally is safer than being on the road and you are statistically at a substantial advantage. Like all water sports when dealing with the sea there is always an element of risk involved and why we ask you to ensure you have full cover when joining our trips. All our staff are fully trained for all situations. Parents and Guardians are responsible for the supervision of their children throughout the trip. Captains and crew are there to ensure the safety of the boat and guests.

The chances are high, but never guaranteed. Whales are the end of the day marine mammals that are unpredictable, so it is up to the whale to show themselves.

We highly recommend that you bring seasickness tablets with you, and take as a preventative before departing (as per instructions).

  • There are washroom facilities onboard all of our boats,
  • Our modern catamarans offer all the facilities Of a yacht, being spacious, with  showers and toilets, and are equipped with all the modern facilities and utilities.
  • We plan to sail rain or shine, so please check the forecast and be sure to dress for the weather.  In the event the Captain deems the sailing conditions unsafe, such as thunderstorms or extremely high winds, we will make every effort to notify you before departure time at the number you have provided.  If the weather is questionable, you may call our hotline
  • Seeing whales is never guaranteed. Whales are the end of the day marine mammals that are unpredictable, so it is up to what to show themselves. There is no refund if the whales decide not show
  • If you are prone or unaware you get seasick, you will need to ensure you have sea sickness tablets before departure
  • There is no refund for any of the points mentioned above

Yes, we offer a selection of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks from our licenced range of drinks onboard that you are allowed to drink alcohol onboard our yachts, as long as it’s in moderation. There is a corkage fee of 80USD if bringing your own alcohol.

  • SUP on board
  • Snorkeling masks and fins
  • Spot whales and dolphins from the boat