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3 Nights

Best of the South Cruise

South Coast

This 3-night cruise will introduce you to three of the most beautiful bays in southern Sri Lanka – Tallala Beach, Weligama Bay and Galle Bay. Along the way you can expect to be greeted by whales while admiring the tropical coastline stretching to the southernmost point of the country, the lighthouse at Dondra.

From 4.00pm till 1.30pm

October to April

Northern Expedition

North Coast

Between India and Sri Lanka, Palk Bay offers an excellent mix of culture, history, wildlife, and nature. You will discover Hammenhiel Fort, visit Delft Island, and swim around Kachchativu – at each stop encountering something you have never seen before. One of the hidden gems of Sri Lanka.

From 4.00pm till 1.30pm

November to April