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News & Updates

News & Updates

Sail Lanka Anchors Sponsorship for the Galle Literary Festival 2024

January, 8, 2024

The Galle Literary Festival, in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB), unveils its highly anticipated program for 2024, promising a diverse and engaging experience for literature enthusiasts. The Festival, taking place from January 25 to 28, will feature over 180 talks, workshops, and events that embody a renewed commitment to diversity and discussion.

CSR Project of Sail Lanka Charter for the young Students of Mullativu tamil school

September 11, 2023

Sail Lanka Charter  hosted 65 students of Mullativu Tamil Viyalaya  at the Port City on 9th September. Students were on a education tour in Colombo. They were welcomed by the Sail Lanka staff. Pradeep Shanker the Operation Manager of Sail Lanka conducted  a briefing about the company and services  we provide to  supplement the tourism in Sri Lanka. They were given an opportunity visit our boats and get a first hand experience. They were treated with refreshments at the end of the visit. This initiative provided   students of a school in North to   understand and widen their knowledge on maritime tourism conducts in Sri Lanka.

Boat and shipbuilding sector export revenue doubles to USD 13 Mn

August 11, 2023

The contribution of the boat and shipbuilding sectors to the export revenue up to June 2023 was around USD 13 million against the first six months of 2022 which was around USD 6 million Thilaka Jayasundara, Secretary Ministry of Industries told the Boat & Marine Show 8th edition press conference held in Colombo on Wednesday.

Sail Lanka Charter, au NAUTIC show in Paris

Dec 8 to 10, 2017

Sail Lanka Charter, a sister company of the Building A Future Foundation, will be at the NAUTIC show in Paris from December 8 to 10, 2017: Hall 1 Stand D12 (on the Globe Sailor stand)

Thalassa: Indian Ocean: the new life of Sri Lanka

08.04.2016, France 3

I spent 35 years here..; It was the Sri Lankans who gave me this chance to succeed, and I owe them a lot… I gave back to this country what it gave me. » Pierre Pringiers is Belgian. He moved to Sri Lanka in 1983 where he made his fortune manufacturing tyres. In December 2004 the tsunami ravaged the country, this sailing enthusiast then created a foundation to develop the nautical industry. He wants to train a skilled workforce and create a new source of employment.

Sailboat Mini bee in bio composite in Sri Lanka


The Building a future Foundation research center on the south coast of Sri Lanka is implementing the use of natural fibers in the manufacture of pleasure and fishing boats.

Sri Sail, an eco-friendly player in Sri Lankan emerging yachting industry


The sailing season on the West coast of Sri Lanka was well introduced this year by the successful and well-attended boat show in Dikkowita where local population and foreign visitors could discover the increasing number of sailing and motorboats and the chartering services the industry has to offer. A strong sign of the development of the industry was a conference on the creation of marinas with the presence of experts from the ICOMIA (International Council of Marine Industry Associations) invited at the initiative of the Building A Future Foundation (BAFF).

Initiating the yachting industry in Sri Lanka through Social Entrepreneurship

Since a long time, Mr. Pierre Pringiers, a dynamic and philanthropic actor of socio-economic development in Sri Lanka through its Building A Future Foundation, understood the importance of the ocean to the island of Sri Lanka: Historically for fishing, but today as a new source of tourism revenue for the local population. With a stable political situation for more than five years and ideal weather conditions for sailing, Sri Lanka gradually becomes an inevitable destination for yachting. Mr. Pierre Pringiers foresees the marine industry to directly serve the development of the island and the island’s population.

Let's go for Jute!

A new composite material based on natural jute fiber may show great promise in the marine industry. This ECO-sourced material might one day be able to replace synthetic composites partially or totally while revitalizing the jute industry in a country like Bangladesh.

BAFF- Initiator of Yachting Activities in Sri Lanka

Since 2005

The development of water-based leisure industry is an important objective of the Building A Future Foundation by creating a new market in Sri Lanka and thus by creating sustainable employment opportunities for local underprivileged youth while uplifting their living standards. BAFF acts as a catalyst and incubator to first introduce sailing, boatbuilding, chartering and the manufacturing of various products necessary for this industry and to incubate local entrepreneurship in this field.

BAFF links up with the University of Ruhuna for Yachting activities

4th May: RSA CUP 2014 “Springtime Regatta“

A positive and sustainable Impact on youth’s future and their environment is the core mission of the Building A Future Foundation. In that frame, BAFF is proud to announce that thanks to Dr. Terney Pradeep, responsible of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science at the Ruhuna University, BAFF now linked up with that prestigious university on the southern coast of Sri Lanka The Ruhunu Sailing Association created at the initiative of BAFF committed to give once a week basic theory and practical sailing courses to 93 students of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science. The group welcomes boys, but also girls who are as talented than boys. Today, there are only one- or two-woman expert sailors in the country. In the coming month, this active society will set up a new sailing club to represent the university of Ruhuna.

The ’ Group of 3’ for scalability of our fishery's innovative projects

The Building A Future Foundation is proud to announce that the “Group of 3” was recently created in collaboration with the French association Whatever active in Bangladesh and in France and with Nedsom Foundation active in Somalia and in the Netherlands. Each of the 3 parties already reached a tangible level of development by researching, developing and launching innovative double powered fishing crafts with sails and engine and/or by providing BOP training (bottom of the pyramid) in sea related activities and/or by creating financially viable social businesses.

Breakthrough with the Sashimi project for sustainable ecologic fishing

10th February

10th February – Weligama (south of the island):
Successful launch of the 14,5 m catamaran Sashimi MK2 with sails and engines (2x60HP)! With its 77,8 m2 surface of sails this fishing boat has strong upwind sailing capabilities and will allow fishermen to save around 30% fuel for economic and ecologic benefits. It took one night and a morning to transport the catamaran from BAFF boatyard to the launching place in Weligama near Taprobane Island. This was achieved thanks to the appreciated efforts of BAFF trainees & trainers, BAFF management, students and lecturers of the Ocean University of Sri Lanka,…. The prototype was designed by German Frers Naval Architecture, financially supported by the Government of Belgium, the Bénéteau Foundation and various donors and developed by the Building A Future Foundation in Sri Lanka. The prototype will now be thoroughly tested by local fishermen used to operate long lines for selective fishing.

Trimaran Sashimi MK1 to sail to Somalia

Since 2007

11th February – Dikkowita (north of the island):
The first model of the industrialized version of the 13,8 m trimaran Sashimi MK1 was successfully launched at the newly built Dikkowita Harbour (north of Colombo) in the presence of the Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Hon. Dr. Rajitha Senarathne, Cey-Nor Foundation, Nedsom Foundation and BAF Foundation. This particular boat will sail 5000 km across the Indian Ocean towards Somalia where the boat will be used for commercial fishing along the African Coast and as model for boat building training supported by the Nedsom Foundation in Puntland. The boat is equipped with the refrigeration sea water system for better fish conservation on board and the presence of sails (48 m2) allows fuel reduction. The initial prototype of the trimaran MK1 built in 2007 was designed by Jim Wilshire from AllSeas, financially supported by the Government of Belgium and developed by the Building A Future Foundation.

Multi-disciplinary training program for youth from low-income families

November 2011

From its creation, Building a Future Foundation trained more than 230 youth who are now employed either in BAFF spinoffs (Solar Impulse, BAFF Polymech Pvt Ltd, …), by other companies in Sri Lanka. In November 2012, BAFF welcomed a 2nd batch consisting of 15 young boys from Galle and Matara District (south of the island) to undergo 1-year technical training on multi skills. In 2011, BAFF also opened its program to girls. From the training in 2011 – 2012, 13 youth (10 boys and 3 girls) have completed their training and are now at job placements continuing the learning process and contributing their services using knowledge and skills they gained through the training.

Mirissa Water Sports awarded by Trip Advisor-Year 2012

We are very proud to announce that MIRISSA WATER SPORTS was awarded a certificate of Excellence for the year 2012 by Trip Advisor!  MWS was created, in the aftermaths of the devastating tsunami end 2004, at the initiative of the Building A Future Foundation with the objective to create sustainable employment for underprivileged youth. MWS offers whale watching tours, sailing, snorkeling, sport fishing, coastal cruises, canoeing and river trips to local and foreign tourists. More details on:

Launch of the Ruhunu Dragon Association in Sri Lanka

The Ruhunu Dragon Association was recently created in Sri Lanka at the initiative of the Ruhunu Sailing Association of Sri Lanka* and the Belgian Dragon Association in Oostende. The association has as object the promotion of the International Dragon Sailing boat in Sri Lanka and the organization of races in Sri Lanka and in Belgium. It will give the opportunity to the young sailors at the Ruhunu Sailing Association (underprivileged boys and girls from the southern coast of Sri Lanka) to sail on these prestigious racing boats.

Industrialized Sashimi fishing boat with sails successfully launched- April 2012

The industrialized version of the Sashimi fishing boat – a 13,8 m trimaran powered with sails and engines – was successfully launched in Sri Lankan waters last April 2012. After a period of tests in Sri Lanka, the trimaran will sail from Colombo to Puntland in Somalia in the frame of the project “Establishing a sustainable fishing industry in Puntland”, for the benefit of local population of fishermen communities”.

Water pumps for Sustainable access to water in Asia

After 3 years research & development, the social business BAFF Polymech Pvt Ltd – created at the initiative of the Building A Future Foundation in Sri Lanka – and the French company Vergnet Hydro have finalized the design of two water pumps that will be assembled by BAFF Polymech Pvt Ltd in Sri Lanka and be distributed by Vergnet Hydro to provide a sustainable access to water to rural populations Asia (Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Pakistan, …)

Sustainable employment for youth in the Nautic Industry in Sri Lanka

Beginning of January 2012, they successfully launched a 52 feet sailing catamaran in the Sri Lankan waters: the concrete result of their talent and efforts.

Multi-skill vocational training for emerging small businesses in Sri Lanka

Youth unemployment is one of the social issues that the Building A Future Foundation intends to fight in Sri Lanka. Since more than 6 years, vocational training is provided by BAFF to underprivileged youth in fields that have a potential of economic development in the country. In order to expand the areas of training, BAF Foundation recently officially linked up with NAITA (National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority) acting under the Ministry of Youth Affairs. NAITA is a wider extension of NAB (National Apprentice Board) that was created with the assistance of the UNDP and ILO in 1971.

Establishing a sustainable fishing industry in Puntland, Somalia

Perpetual drought, livestock ban, internal conflicts,… strongly affected the Federal State of Puntland in the north-eastern portion of Somalia resulting in lack of food security for its local communities. The fishing sector has good prospects of making remarkable contributions towards the reconstruction of Somalia.

Ecologically friendly solution for Sri Lankan fishing crafts

In Sri Lanka, the fishing industry provides direct employment to 650 000 persons: 150 000 fishing, 100 000 associated service activities, 400 000 fish trade. This sector provides sustenance to 2, 4 million persons. It is an important livelihood. The total export of the country is varying between 1, 56% and 2, 47%. This sector generates a lot of employment and economic resources and contributes to around 70% of the animal protein consumed in the country (Ten-year Development policy framework of Fisheries and Aquatic resources 2007 -2016., Government of Sri Lanka.

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